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This is training equipment. As with any item of medical or training equipment use it in line with the programme specified by your medical or fitness training advisor. Other Guidelines:

1) If a player/athlete/person has a cut or an infection of any kind then they must seek medical advice first before using the ice bath.

2) Do not leave the ice bath unattended when filled with water/ice.

3) We recommend players/athletes/people shower if possible before using the ice bath.

4) Be careful when entering or exiting the ice bath as the area could be slippery.

5) Before ice bath assembly please check area where it is to be assembled for any sharp objects that might cause a possible tear of the liner. Warranty covers for poor workmanship but the ice bath liner is not covered for any tears to the liner which are caused by mis-use. 6) Please do not wear any shoes/trainers/boots in the ice bath as this may cause the liner to tear.

Cleaning of Ice Bath: To clean the lining please use warm soapy water with a mild detergent. Please do NOT use chlorine as this de-laminates the liner.



Ice bath assembly guide. Ice bath assembly guide. Ice bath assembly guide. Ice bath assembly guide.
Place bag flat on the floor then take ice bath out of the bag. Hold ice bath sides & ends upright. The liner will not be attached to frame Attach the 2 end sections to the 2 side pieces. Very important to make sure the mallet is used to hit the ends so they are fully in and touching with the side pieces. Do not put in the liner yet. Before putting the liner in the frame, attach the bottom strap which is attached at one end and wrap it round the other end, pull tightly and attach to velcro.
Ice bath assembly guide. Ice bath assembly guide. Ice bath assembly guide. Ice bath assembly guide.
Put the liner into the frame. Make sure the lining is up against the frame and flat on the floor - then pull the liner over the top of the frame. Then at each corner make sure the strap is underneath the frame.
Pull the straps tightly at each corner. Make sure the valve is shut and start filling with water and ice. Team Ice Bath takes approx 30-45 mins to fill.


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